Wednesday, February 16, 2011

But I like THAT one! Why aren't we looking at IT??

Remember, we had that long discussion about what you couldn't live with or without and what you'd like to have? Well, I listened carefully. I heard what you said, and some of what you didn't say. And then I went out and searched for homes which specifically met your criteria. And I've been doing that since the first time we talked.

Some of the homes looked great when I found them online. Pictures can be very deceiving! It was only after I had previewed them, and really looked deeper, that I knew they didn't fit your needs or wants. The kitchen was in need of new appliances (you said you can't afford to buy new appliances), the closets were small (you said you needed at least one walk-in closet in the master ), there was wallpaper in many of the rooms (you said you didn't want to have to remove it),the back deck was in need of major repair (you said you didn't want to do any major repairs).

AND it's out of your price range. And there is no reason to show you a home which is more than you are approved for. I'm not going to risk getting my client into a home they can't afford. I promised I'd treat you no different than my own family. I don't want you to be house poor! And I'm not talking a little over, I'm talking waaay over. If I feel it's overpriced, and I can find comps to support a more reasonable offer price, AND it meets your criteria -- THEN I'll go ahead and show it to you. Otherwise, I'm not wasting anyone's time.

There's a host of reasons which took that home off the list, even if it's in your price range. My job, is to help you find a home which meets your needs and price range. I will not get you into the same situation that faces thousands of homeowners right now who are facing foreclosure. I can't ethically do that.

If you really want to see it, and IF it's in your price range we'll do it. And when you walk in the front door, look around and say, "No need to look at the whole house -- this isn't going to be the one.", instead of saying "I told you so", I'll show you the one that says, "Welcome home."

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