Friday, July 1, 2011


Its' a difficult market to explain to clients. At points they hear that the market is rebounding (and in some cases they're correct) and in others that the decline continues in home prices. Prices in Greenville have declined but not nearly the extent of many of our neighbors. Did you know that? Well, to understand the best way to sell or purchase a home, consumers MUST have an agent that not only knows the LOCAL market, as Real Estate is localized, but also understands the national and global economies to better forecast the current trends and know what is coming down the pike. Whether it's working with Buyers, Sellers, Investors or Lease/Purchases, the Connie Rice and Partners Team, is heavily equipped to assist all levels of needs and help folks get the best deal in this economy on the buy side while assisting those upside down, facing foreclosure, short sale or just ready to move on on the sale side. Most people have no idea what happens on the backside of a transaction. Just as a Physician has his/her assistants, office personnel and suppliers, we are professionals with YEARS of experience. Our goal is to help you make wise financial decisions in this Buyers Market. We are Financial Assistants who specialize in Real Estate.

Every agent says they are the best. Trust the team that is ranked 3rd in all of Greenville and whose hearts are in it and rely on this business as our sole means of support. You can trust the Connie Rice and Partners Team to meet and exceed all of your expectations. We are full time agents that only offer full service support!

By Holly Lynch, Partner

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