Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Founded in 1868 and named for the Revolutionary War hero General Andrew Pickens, this family oriented village on the northwest corner of the Upstate of South Carolina is a diverse rich culture that welcomes exploration. With a HUGE number of Scots-Irish immigrants settling in the Upstate, alongside the Cherokee Indians, and focusing on the fertile land of Pickens county, don’t be surprised to see more redheads than you can count! Pickens history is still seen in the culture and landscape of architecture today. The local government buildings and museums are proud of their “country” heritage and feature local artisans particularly proficient in folk art, wood carvings, pottery and early American treasures. With the abundance of gorgeous land to the mountainous regions to the northern edge, Pickens offers a vast array of home opportunities from luxury lake and mountain properties to extremely affordable farm and business land. This is why so many businesses have recently chosen Pickens County to house the growing infrastructure of commerce in this small community. 2012 will prove to be a banner year for growth in Pickens County. Not to be forgotten that on the southern edge of Pickens is the Upstate of South Carolina’s pride and joy! Clemson University and all it offers from academics to athletics reminds folks that the red/orange clay is representative of the Tiger Orange. No one screams Tigers more than Pickens County. A gorgeous landscape with more to offer than you can say! Truly, it’s an incredible place to call home. But don’t forget! When you visit or choose to live in Pickens- the locals pronounce it (Pee-kins). Just sayin! Holly Lynch

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