Friday, March 4, 2011

“The new email is v-mail”

Well, I am a little torn on this subject. Some people work better in person, others by phone, some by email, then there are the texters. Who works better by video? Is this what our clients prefer? Are we to the point that real estate messages should be delivered by video? Can you open them anywhere? Would you want to?

It is a quick and relatively easy way to deliver the messages and for those that type slowly this would be ideal.. My mother is new to the internet world and is making her way through it very well considering she had never even turned on a computer until this year. She is now a Facebook and YouTube Pro and anytime she needs to get a quick question to me, she chats me through her google email. My mother LOVES Skype and prefers to talk to me this way instead of by email and even prefers it over the phone… Maybe this is where we are headed… If so, no more working in your curlers and PJs Realtors! You just never know when your client will ring in…..

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