Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tips For Buying A Home In A Down Market

Prospective buyers have an edge in a down market. When sales are slow and there is a plethora of homes to choose from, buyers can really pick up a house on the cheap. But there is a time to jump on board and a time to jump ship. Knowing the difference could save you thousands .

Buyers can  have an advantage in a down market, but this doesn't mean you should walk into a transaction blindly.  To make sure that you're able to jump on a deal at a moment's notice, you MUST be at the minimum pre-approved  for a mortgage.
Your Realtor can be an invaluable asset during this profitable market. They are professionals trained just as your doctor is, to diagnose the market, give medecine in information and close the wound
with a seamless transaction.

Thats why our team at Connie Rice & Partners has been successful in helping hundreds of buyers find Steals of deal in our current market. Go to our team website at www.connierice.com and check out our team and let one of our expert Realtors walk you through the best market in decades and find you the perfect home for your family.

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